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Going Broader and Deeper: Isilon InsightIQ 4.1

Patrick Lynch

Consultant Product Manager at EMC Isilon

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Since it was first released, InsightIQ has been used by a majority of our customers as a valuable tool to understand what is going on in their Isilon environment.  A year ago, InsightIQ was made a zero-cost offering resulting in more customers learning how this solution can be useful to them, both within the realms of storage and IT management as well as in sharing InsightIQ with others within the organization. With an over 80% adoption rate, customers reduce storage management costs from the reporting and insight delivered by InsightIQ.

As I stated in my blog for the release of InsightIQ 4.0 in February, InsightIQ plays a critical role in providing access to information about who’s doing what in an Isilon environment.  This month we are excited to release our latest version, InsightIQ4.1 with key enhancements in making the solution more easily accessible to users within your organization while also introducing a new report that sheds even more light on actions within your Isilon environment.

Enabling users to answer their own questions!

InsightIQ 4.1 makes it easier for users to run their own reports!  We added integrated support for LDAP authentication, which makes it easier to provide access to InsightIQ to user groups within your LDAP server.  LDAP groups and sub-groups can be configured to have read-only or administrator roles.  Providing easier access to a broader set of users means storage and IT admins can save time answering user questions that they can find for themselves.



Learn which workloads need updated settings!

The new performance report in InsightIQ 4.1 is one that shows key metrics of performance consumed by the OneFS Jobs and Services.  Analyzing the results of this report, and especially correlating with other performance reports in InsightIQ, can help shed light on which jobs may benefit from a change to their settings or priorities.  This can lead to overall performance optimization and balanced resource consumption in the cluster.  In this first screenshot, a summary table is shown listing the Jobs and Services that generated the most Disk Writes in the past hour (the time range for the report can be configured to whatever you require).



The flexible time series charts enable you to identify trends or patterns in resource consumption. The new report also includes time series charts for each performance metric, with the powerful breakout and filtering capabilities available in all InsightIQ reports. This is valuable in helping decide what scheduling or setting needs to be adjusted to better manage resource consumption.




Get Started Now! 

Take advantage of the new InsightIQ 4.1 today and start enjoying the benefits of these latest improvements.

InsightIQ 4.0 – the latest in Data Insights for Isilon

Patrick Lynch

Consultant Product Manager at EMC Isilon

Latest posts by Patrick Lynch (see all)

Isilon environments are large, powerful and efficient, but sometimes actions by users can negatively impact that performance and efficiency.  In these cases, storage admins need tools to quickly understand what’s going on and who’s doing what and how resources are being used.

We collectively call these needs “Data Insights” and have defined three vectors of innovation to address these needs:

  • Actionable Understanding: quick access to relevant data that helps to understand what’s going on and who’s doing what
  • Improved Storage Utilization: tools to track and manage how resources are being used
  • Personalized Dynamic Information: enabling customers to get exactly the information and value they need out of their Isilon environment

The “showcase application” for Data Insights in your Isilon environment is InsightIQ.  InsightIQ provides easy and powerful drill-down of thousands of real-time performance statistics to help admins quickly interpret and understand what’s going on in their Isilon clusters, and even who’s doing what type of activity.  The screenshot below shows just one example of breaking down a cluster’s network throughput by client.  Mind you this is just the first level of drill down.  You can also apply filters to explore more details about the activity of that top user.  Views like this are available for a wide range of real-time performance metrics including node performance, disk performance, cluster events and more.Insight IQ Dashboard

This week we released version 4.0 of InsightIQ which rolls up all the foundational improvements that were delivered throughout 2015 increasing performance and reliability as well as introducing new capabilities and support for the latest release of OneFS, version 8.0.

The exciting enhancements delivered in InsightIQ v4.0 include:

  • Capacity Utilization Forecast Tool (see screen capture below) at the cluster level that can also be broken out by tier and nodepool to help predict when and what type of resources will be needed to support the growth trends in your Isilon environment.
  • Improved management options for the data collected, stored and analyzed by InsightIQ.
  • Deliver fresher insights on the Isilon File System leveraging the improved FSA (File System Analytics) capability in OneFS 8.0 which was released earlier this month.

Insight IQ Reporting

Best of all, in October 2015, EMC made InsightIQ a zero-cost solution!  This move has encouraged more and more customers to take advantage of the great Data Insights capabilities of their Isilon environments, and positioned them to reap benefits throughout this year as we continue to make improvements to InsightIQ.

Try out InsightIQ today, if you haven’t already started using it!  If you have InsightIQ, upgrade to this newest release and start down the path of improving your Data Insights experience in your Isilon environment.



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