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Embrace Digital Transformation with Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) 3.0

Sam Grocott

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at EMC ETD

Digital Transformation is drastically changing the business landscape, and the effects are being felt in every industry, and every region of the world. For some, the goal of this transformation is to use technology to leapfrog the competition by offering innovative products and services. For others, the focus is on avoiding disruption from new market entrants. Whatever your situation might be, it’s clear that you can’t ignore the change. In a recent study by Dell Technologies, 78% of global businesses surveyed believe that digital start-ups will pose a threat to their organization, while almost half (45%) fear they may become obsolete in the next three to five years due to competition from digital-born start-ups. These numbers are a stark indication of the pressure that business leaders are feeling to adapt or fall by the wayside.

But for IT leaders, this raises an uncomfortable question: Where will you find the money to make this transformation? You’re already under constant pressure to lower IT costs. How can you invest in new technologies while still doing this?

Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), Dell EMC’s object storage platform, was built to help organizations with precisely this challenge. After being in market for just under two years, the latest release, ECS 3.0 is being announced at Dell EMC World today. ECS is a next-generation storage platform that simplifies storage and management of your unstructured data, increases your agility, and most importantly, lowers your costs. Let’s take a look at some of the ways ECS can help modernize your datacenter, clearing the way for you to embrace Digital Transformation.

Simplify and Accelerate Cloud-Native Development

The success of companies like Uber and AirBnB has highlighted the transformative power of “cloud native” mobile and web apps. Enterprises everywhere are taking note – in the previously mentioned Dell Technologies survey, 72% of companies indicated that they are expanding their software development capabilities. Often, these software development efforts are directed towards “cloud-native” applications designed for the web and mobile devices.

ECS is designed for cloud-native applications that utilize the S3 protocol (or other REST-based APIs like OpenStack Swift). ECS natively performs many functions like geo-distribution, ensuring strong data consistency and data protection, freeing up application developers to focus on what moves their business forward. This greatly increases developer productivity, and reduces the time to market for new applications that can unlock greater customer satisfaction, as well as new sources of revenue.

Reduce storage TCO and complexity

Legacy storage systems that sit in most enterprise datacenters are struggling to keep up with the explosion in unstructured data. Primary storage platforms are constantly running out of capacity, and it is expensive to store infrequently accessed data on these platforms. Additionally, as many businesses operate on a global scale, data coming in from different corners of the world ends up forming silos, which increase management complexity and lower agility in responding to business needs.
ECS is compatible with a wide range of cloud-enabled tiering solutions for Dell EMC primary storage resources like VMAX, VNX, Isilon and Data Domain.  Additionally, ECS is certified on many 3rd party tiering solutions, which enable it to act as a low cost, global cloud-tier for 3rd party storage platforms. These solutions drive up primary storage efficiency and drive down cost by accessing a lower cost tier with ECS. Tiering to ECS is friction-free, which means that apps or users accessing primary storage don’t have to change any behavior at all.


Tape Replacement

The new ECS dense compute rack D-series increases storage density by more than 60%, making it an ideal replacement for tape archives. The D-Series comes as an eight node system that provides the highest density configurations for ECS at 4.5PB (D-4500) and 6.2PB (D-6200) in a single rack.

These new configurations provide the low cost and scalability benefits of traditional tape solutions, but without the lack of agility, poor reliability, and operational difficulties associated with storing data on tape.  Additionally, ECS makes business data available to BUs in an on-demand fashion. This allows organizations to fully embrace Digital Transformation, which relies on insights mined from business data to create more compelling experiences for customers.

Legacy application modernization

ECS can serve as an ideal storage platform for organizations looking to modernize legacy LoB applications that utilize or generate a large amount of unstructured data. Modifying legacy apps to point to ECS using the S3 (or other REST-based APIs like OpenStack Swift) protocol can help reduce costs, simplify maintenance of the application, and allow them to scale to handle massive amounts of data.

Take the Next Step

Learn more about how ECS can enable your transformation , follow @DellEMCECS on Twitter, or try it out – for free!



Free and Frictionless Downloads of EMC Software-defined Solutions Now Available

Sam Grocott

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at EMC ETD

You’ve been hearing a lot from EMC about our software-defined storage (SDS) offerings and how you can use them to build a more adaptive, agile storage infrastructure. But enough talk — it’s time you tried these products in your own environment and experienced those benefits firsthand. To that end, we’re offering Free and Frictionless downloads of these SDS products: ECS, ScaleIO and IsilonSD Edge.

Free and FrictionlessFree and Frictionless means just what it says: downloads at no cost, easy installation on your preferred hardware, testing on your own terms and timeline — and then, once you’re ready to go into production, a simple, direct route to purchase. It’s our way of enabling you to see for yourself exactly how EMC software-defined storage can benefit you before you invest any budget in it.

These aren’t streamlined trial-only versions, either. They’re full-featured, enterprise-grade offerings that cover the following SDS products:

  • ECS, EMC’s software-defined, elastic cloud storage platform for web, mobile and cloud applications
  • ScaleIO software-only, server-based SAN with scale-out performance
  • IsilonSD Edge provides SDS solutions for enterprise edge locations including remote and branch offices

Just click on these ECS, ScaleIO and IsilonSD Edge links and start using the software for free right away. Installation is automated and takes about 15 minutes, and every product comes with automated configuration management, too. Try it, use it, share it within your organization, innovate with it — whatever you want to do is going to be easy and effortless, so go for it.

Only when you’re ready to go into production do you pay for anything. And that’s easy, too: Just choose whether you want to continue with the software-only product or buy it as part of an EMC storage solution, and then visit the EMC eStore You have ample opportunity to experiment with our products and you won’t have to spend any dollars until you’re dead sure. At that point, you also get the combined weight and power of EMC’s entire support infrastructure behind you.

But that’s later. Right now, go get your ECS, ScaleIO and IsilonSD Edge versions of the EMC software-defined storage product you want to try. This is where the rubber meets the road. And you don’t even have to talk to a tire salesman.



Marching with the OpenStack community innovations

Sam Grocott

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at EMC ETD

I am thrilled to be a part of the EMC engine that develops products and services that accelerates the journey to cloud computing; helping our customers to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. Combining our efforts with OpenStack- the fastest growing open source community in the world, we are proud to support technologies like Swift, Cinder, Manila in our flagship products Elastic Cloud Storage, ScaleIO and Isilon.  Our commitment to open source does not end with mere opening up CoprHD, at OpenStack Tokyo we are stepping up the game by showing how the community and users can get more from the  technologies we have heavily invested in the past few years.

From pushing the performance envelope for block storage as will be demonstrated by Randy Bias  in the battle of the titans; a healthy discussion on the impact containers will have on OpenStack with Joshua Bernstein; storage orchestration  to a demonstration of building your own elastic cloud storage with ECS, we cover a wide range of top-of-mind topics.

We believe that customers need choice and options in developing and deploying IT for their business needs, whether it is through adopting reference architectures or deploying fully functional enterprise grade products that support open API and protocols. Whether you want to do it yourself; leverage our partners Mirantis, Cannonical, Redhat or simply use turnkey products with native support for technologies, we have an option for you. We take this further by developing plugins to take advantage of your existing investments in EMC products like ScaleIO or deploy high availability clusters.

In addition, the EMC {Code} team is tasked with making EMC relevant to the Open Source community by contributing and participating is essential open source projects. The team tackles many complex problems, everything from application persistence with containers, to twelve factor application development just to mention a few.

I see a lot of momentum and continued drive in the community innovation to help our customers with their IT transformation. We invite you to talk to us at our booth- P1 or schedule an appointment with your account exec to discuss industry trends  or take a peek under the covers of new and upcoming software in ScaleIO, ECS or Project Caspian in a whisper suite.

Celebrating 10 Years At Next Week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show!

Sam Grocott

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at EMC ETD

It’s hard to believe, but next week marks my 10th anniversary of attending NAB. My first show was back in 2004 as Isilon was launching our first solutions for the Media & Entertainment (M&E) Industry. Although the number of verticals that Isilon has a strong presence in has expanded tremendously over the years, our M&E customers continue to be a significant part of our business, and will always have a special place in my heart as Isilon’s first customers.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the M&E industry as the fundamental way that media customers view their favorite TV shows and movies is changing. Over The Top (OTT) video services have seen tremendous growth in the past few years and industry analysts are projecting that growth trend to continue over the next several years. The industry vision of delivering TV Everywhere is also growing rapidly with the emergence of connected devices such as smartphones, tablets or Internet-connected video gaming systems.

When I think about gaming, Microsoft’s Xbox is what comes to mind because I’m a huge gamer (or used to be before kids came along!), and I have an Xbox at home. Microsoft has made it their goal of making Xbox the ultimate solution for not only gaming but also for online TV and streaming movies. One of the key factors for success for Microsoft or any OTT provider is an appealing content library, and of course a large content library takes efficient storage.

This is why we are excited to announce that as a result of using Isilon’s solutions, Microsoft Xbox Video Marketplace can now easily handle a workload that’s expanding by hundreds of terabytes per month, eliminating the performance and scalability problems that previously slowed their growth. You can learn more about how we are helping enable growth in Microsoft’s Xbox Video Marketplace by going to this video and this case study.

If you are coming to NAB this year, be sure to stop by our booth (Booth SL8011) to see live collaborative edit and post product demos of Adobe Anywhere (hosted by our partner Tekserve) and MXFserver running on Isilon storage. You’re also invited to schedule an appointment to hear more about how our innovative solutions can help you drive efficiencies in your workfow and simplify your media environment.

We look forward to talking to you this week at NAB!


EMC Isilon Hadoop Starter Kit Unveiled at VMworld

Sam Grocott

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at EMC ETD

VMworld kicked off yesterday in San Francisco and as usual, there is a lot of energy floating around at the conference.  EMC added to that energy by unveiling an exciting new Hadoop Starter Kit. The idea behind the kit is to simplify all Hadoop distribution deployment by reducing the time and cost to deploy, as well as leveraging common IT technologies such as EMC Isilon storage, and VMware virtualization. This new kit combines the power of VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions with EMC Isilon’s scale-out NAS to achieve a comprehensive big data storage and analytics solution.

EMC Booth Photo

Lots of interest at the EMC Booth!

 Hadoop Blog

This video is just one of the resources available in the Hadoop Starter Kit
For those of you attending VMworld, you can find out more about the Hadoop Starter Kit by stopping by EMC’s Tech Previews booth.

EMC World 2013, Day 3 Recap

Sam Grocott

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at EMC ETD

Today, EMC Isilon president Bill Richter took to the EMC World stage and gave his keynote speech on Isilon: Scale-out NAS Innovation Today, Business Innovation Tomorrow.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the keynote included a customer panel with Rackspace, Bosch, and MLB, as well as a conversation with Isilon’s resident mad scientist and CTO, Nick Kirsch.

Here’s a quick roundup of the keynote buzz, captured from Twitter:

Photo 1

 Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Immediately following the keynote, Bill answered your Twitter questions live during his Backstage session with John Roese and dove deeper into the transformation squeeze of IT, new OneFS features, and where he sees EMC Isilon and scale-out NAS heading in the next few years. For on-demand replays of Bill’s keynote and backstage session, head here.

 What an exciting week it’s been so far. If you’re here with us on-site, make sure to stop by our Isilon booth before the week’s end.  Enjoy the customer appreciation party tonight!




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