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Going Broader and Deeper: Isilon InsightIQ 4.1

Patrick Lynch

Consultant Product Manager at EMC Isilon

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Since it was first released, InsightIQ has been used by a majority of our customers as a valuable tool to understand what is going on in their Isilon environment.  A year ago, InsightIQ was made a zero-cost offering resulting in more customers learning how this solution can be useful to them, both within the realms of storage and IT management as well as in sharing InsightIQ with others within the organization. With an over 80% adoption rate, customers reduce storage management costs from the reporting and insight delivered by InsightIQ.

As I stated in my blog for the release of InsightIQ 4.0 in February, InsightIQ plays a critical role in providing access to information about who’s doing what in an Isilon environment.  This month we are excited to release our latest version, InsightIQ4.1 with key enhancements in making the solution more easily accessible to users within your organization while also introducing a new report that sheds even more light on actions within your Isilon environment.

Enabling users to answer their own questions!

InsightIQ 4.1 makes it easier for users to run their own reports!  We added integrated support for LDAP authentication, which makes it easier to provide access to InsightIQ to user groups within your LDAP server.  LDAP groups and sub-groups can be configured to have read-only or administrator roles.  Providing easier access to a broader set of users means storage and IT admins can save time answering user questions that they can find for themselves.



Learn which workloads need updated settings!

The new performance report in InsightIQ 4.1 is one that shows key metrics of performance consumed by the OneFS Jobs and Services.  Analyzing the results of this report, and especially correlating with other performance reports in InsightIQ, can help shed light on which jobs may benefit from a change to their settings or priorities.  This can lead to overall performance optimization and balanced resource consumption in the cluster.  In this first screenshot, a summary table is shown listing the Jobs and Services that generated the most Disk Writes in the past hour (the time range for the report can be configured to whatever you require).



The flexible time series charts enable you to identify trends or patterns in resource consumption. The new report also includes time series charts for each performance metric, with the powerful breakout and filtering capabilities available in all InsightIQ reports. This is valuable in helping decide what scheduling or setting needs to be adjusted to better manage resource consumption.




Get Started Now! 

Take advantage of the new InsightIQ 4.1 today and start enjoying the benefits of these latest improvements.

Your Data Lake Is More Powerful and Easier to Operate with New Dell EMC Isilon Products

Karthik Ramamurthy

Director Product Management
Isilon Storage Division at Dell EMC

Earlier this year Dell EMC released a suite of Isilon products designed to enable your company’s data lake journey. Together IsilonSD Edge, Isilon OneFS 8.0, and Isilon CloudPools transformed the way your organization stores and uses data by harnessing the power of the data lake. Today we are pleased to announce all three of these products have been updated and further enhanced to make your data lake even more powerful and easier to operate from edge to core to cloud.

Starting with the release of OneFS 8.0.1

OneFS 8.0.1 builds on the powerful platform provided by OneFS 8.0 released in February 2016. The intent of this newest release is to provide features important to unique customer datacenter workflows, enhance usability and manageability of OneFS clusters. In addition, OneFS 8.0.1 is the first release that takes full advantage of the non-disruptive upgrade and rollback framework introduced in OneFS 8.0.

Let’s review some of the most compelling features of this software release.

Improved Management, Monitoring, Security and Performance for Hadoop on Isilon

Expanding on the Data Lake, one of the focus areas of this new release was increasing the scope and usefulness of our integration with leading Hadoop management tools. OneFS 8.0.1 delivers support for and integration with Apache Ambari 2.4 and Ranger. A single management point now allows Ambari operators to seamlessly manage and monitor Hadoop clusters with OneFS as the HDFS storage layer. Ranger is an important security management tool for Hadoop.  These Ambari and Ranger integration features benefit all customers using Hortonworks and ODP-I compliant Hadoop distributions with OneFS.

Additionally OneFS 8.0.1 adds new features including Kerberos encryption to secure and encrypt data between HDFS clients and OneFS. In addition, Datanode load balancing avoids overloading nodes and increases cluster resilience. OneFS 8.0.1 also supports the following HFDS distributions: Hortonworks HDP 2.5, Cloudera CDH 5.8.0, and IBM Open Platform (IOP) 4.1.

Introducing Scale-Out NAS with SEC Compliance and Asynchronous Replication for Disaster Recovery

With OneFS 8.0.1, Isilon becomes the first and only Scale-Out NAS vendor that offers SEC-17a4 compliance via SmartLock Compliance Mode combined with the asynchronous replication to secondary or standby clusters via SyncIQ. This powerful combination means companies that must comply with SEC-17a4 are no longer caught in a choice between compliance and data recovery – with OneFS 8.0.1 they have both!

Storage Efficiency Designed for the Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging Needs

For many years PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) applications diagnostic imaging data was stored in large “container” files for maximum storage efficiency. In recent years, the way referring physicians’ access individual diagnostic images changed and, as a result, the methods used to store diagnostic imaging files had to change as well. OneFS 8.0.1 has a new storage efficiency feature specifically designed for the Healthcare PACS archive market to provide significantly improved storage efficiency for diagnostic imaging files.  Isilon customers can expect to see storage efficiency similar to OneFS’s large file storage efficiency for diagnostic imaging files when using this feature.   you leverage Isilon to store your PACS application data you will want to talk with your sales representative and learn more about this new feature.

Upgrade with Confidence

OneFS 8.0, released in February 2016, provided the framework for non-disruptive upgrades for all supported upgrades going forward and the addition of release rollback. OneFS 8.0.1 is the first OneFS release that you will be able to test and validate and, if needed, rollback to the previously installed 8.0.x release. This means that you can non-disruptively upgrade to 8.0.1, without impacting users or applications! You will be able to upgrade sets of nodes or the entire cluster for your testing and validation and then, once complete, you decide to commit the upgrade or rollback to the prior release. Once committed to OneFS 8.0.1, future upgrades will be even easier and more transparent with the ability to view an estimate of how long an upgrade will take to complete and transparency of the upgrade process. The WebUI was enhanced to make upgrade management even easier than before.

Manage Performance Resources like Never Before

Even more exciting is the new Performance Resource Management framework introduced in OneFS 8.0.1. This framework is the start of a revolutionary scale-out NAS performance management system. In OneFS 8.0.1 you will be able to obtain and view statistics on the performance resources (CPU, operations, data read, data written, etc.) for OneFS jobs and services. This will allow you to identify quickly if a particular job or service may be the cause of performance issues. These statistics are available via the CLI, Platform API and can be visualized with InsightIQ 4.1. In future releases these capabilities will be expanded to clients, IP addresses, users, protocols and !

These are just some of the new features OneFS 8.0.1 has to offer. OneFS 8.0.1 improves on our support for MAC OS clients, SMB, audit, NDMP and data migrations, to name a few other areas.  The white paper, Technical Overview of New and Improved Features of EMC Isilon OneFS 8.0., provides additional details on these and other new and improved features in OneFS 8.0.1

Isilon SD Edge Management Server version 1.0.1

This July EMC released a new version of IsilonSD Edge Management Server. Version 1.0.1 provides support for VMware ESX 6.0 in addition to previously supported ESX versions. This management server also enables monitoring of the IsilonSD Edge Clusters via EMC’s Secure Remote Support (ESRS) server and tools.

Isilon CloudPools Just Got Easier to Manage

OneFS 8.0.1 provides improved flexibility for CloudPools deployments in the enterprise with the introduction of proxy support. This allows administrators to specify one or more proxy servers between the Isilon cluster and your cloud provider of .

The Data Lake Journey is Just Beginning!

OneFS 8.0.1 is an important step on the data lake journey; however, you can rest assured we are not stopping here! Look forward to amazing new hardware and software features in coming releases as we build on the Performance Resource Management Framework, provide more workload specific enhancements to address our customers’ needs and deliver new levels of supportability, serviceability, scale and performance.   Don’t wait, upgrade .  Click here to download OneFS 8.0.1.

Announcing Isilon OneFS 8.0.1

David Noy

VP Product Management, Emerging Technologies Division at EMC

It’s really been an exhilarating last couple of months leading up to the recent historical merger between Dell and EMC! We just completed our first Dell EMC World and announced Isilon All-Flash last week.  While all that was in progress, the Isilon team was heads-down focused on the next update to the industry leading Scale-Out NAS OneFS operating system.

Today, we’re announcing the new OneFS 8.0.1 release with a strong focus on strengthening the Data Lake with features supporting the horizontals and vertical markets we serve. For the horizontal markets, we’ve added new and improved capabilities around Hadoop big data analytics, Isilon CloudPools, and IsilonSD Edge. For the vertical industries we support, we’ve focused on enhancing the needs of the Healthcare and Financial markets.

Customers continue to gain more value from their data with analytics.  Hadoop based solutions have always been a pillar for Isilon customers because of native support for HDFS protocol in the OneFS operating system. In OneFS 8.0.1, we’ve added support for Apache Ambari to proactively monitor key performance metrics and alerts which enables enterprise customers to have a single point for management of the entire Hadoop cluster. In addition, from a security perspective, not only have we integrated with Apache Ranger to deliver seamless authorization and access control, but we’ve also added support for end-to-end data in-flight encryption between Isilon nodes and the HDFS client.

Many of the Isilon enterprise customers continue to use OneFS because of its simplicity and ease of management at scale. We’ve added many new features for enterprises like CloudPools proxy support to increase security, reduce risk, and simplify management. For IsilonSD Edge software defined storage, we’ve added support for VMware ESX 6.0 and have seamlessly integrated with EMC Remote Support (ESRS) for remote monitoring, issue resolution and troubleshooting.

Other enterprise capabilities include seamless non-disruptive upgrades from OneFS 8.0, upgrade rollback support, a 5X improvement in audit performance and a completely re-written framework for performance resource management,  reporting and data insights.

Isilon deployments continue to add value for customers across verticals like Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Life Sciences, EDA and others. In this release we have strengthened our solutions for the Healthcare and Finance verticals.  For Healthcare PACS workloads, we’ve added capabilities in OneFS 8.0.1 that increases the efficiency, optimizes the storage and significantly improves the storage utilization for PACS archive workloads. For the Financial industry, we’ve added seamless integration for compliance data with business continuity features by integrating SmartLock compliance mode with SyncIQ replication for push button failover and failback.

OneFS 8.0.1 – the first major upgrade to the OneFS 8.0 code base – it contains a number of features that many enterprises were waiting for. If you are looking to upgrade to the OneFS 8.0 code base because you generally want to wait for a subsequent “dot release”, today is the day, your wait is over!

New Enhancements to EMC Isilon Data Lake Foundation

Suresh Sathyamurthy

Sr. Director, Product Marketing & Communications at EMC

Today, EMC® is pleased to announce the availability of new EMC Isilon® products that further extend the advantage that the industry-leading Isilon scale-out data lake and NAS storage platform provides to enterprise customers across a broad range of industry segments and public sector agencies. The new EMC Isilon products include:

  • EMC Isilon OneFS 7.2.1: This new version of the EMC Isilon OneFS® operating system provides new security options including U.S. Department of Defense Security and Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) hardening, FIPS 140-2 validated OpenSSL and PIV/CAC support for Smart Card Authentication. OneFS 7.2.1 also offers new options to increase flexibility and simplify management including improved support for IPv6 networking; enhanced node compatibility between older and newer generation of Isilon storage platforms; and rolling upgrades from OneFS 7.1.x and OneFS 7.2.
  • EMC Isilon X210: The new Isilon X210 is a platform refresh of the Isilon X200 and provides increased capacity, performance and flexibility. The Isilon X210 offers a new 4TB HDD option that expand the maximum node capacity by 33% from 36 TB to 48 TB in a highly efficient 2U platform. Based on SPECsfs testing, the Isilon X210 with OneFS 7.2.1 delivers a performance increase of more than 30% over the Isilon X200. To increase data center flexibility, the Isilon X210 uses QDR InfiniBand networking to allow cable lengths between nodes of up to 100 meters. And to further simplify management and improve flexibility in expanding existing Isilon storage environments, the Isilon X210 offers node equivalence with the Isilon X200. The highly versatile Isilon X210 is an ideal scale-out NAS storage platform for a wide range of applications and workloads including file shares, home directories and big data analytics.
  • EMC Isilon NL410: The new Isilon NL410 is a platform refresh of the Isilon NL400 and provides increased flexibility and simplicity. The NL410 includes QDR InfiniBand networking to allow cable lengths between nodes of up to 100 meters. The Isilon NL410 also offers node equivalence with the Isilon NL400 to provide greater flexibility in expanding existing Isilon storage environments. The EMC Isilon NL410 is designed to provide cost-effective, highly scalable nearline storage and is an ideal solution for active archiving.
  • EMC Isilon InsightIQ 3.2: This new version of Isilon InsightIQ software provides powerful performance monitoring and reporting tools to help organizations optimize the performance of their Isilon storage systems. New features now available with Isilon InsightIQ 3.2 include improved analytics and pool-centric reporting options to provide granular performance data filtered by node tiers or node pools.

Here is a snapshot of the latest portfolio of EMC Isilon storage platforms, including the new Isilon X210 and NL410:

EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS Product Family

Isilon Product FamilyWith these new products, EMC Isilon scale-out Data Lake further extends its leadership as an ideal platform to store, manage and protect unstructured data efficiently while supporting a wide range of applications and workloads. Key advantages of EMC Isilon include:

  • Simplified management: Single file system, single volume, global namespace
  • Massively scalable: Scales from 16 TB to over 50 PB in a single cluster
  • Unmatched efficiency: Over 80% storage utilization with automated tiering and data deduplication options
  • Enterprise data protection: Efficient backup and disaster recovery, and N+1 thru N+4 redundancy
  • Robust security and compliance options: RBAC, Access Zones,  WORM data security, File System Auditing, Data At Rest Encryption with SEDs, STIG hardening, CAC/PIV Smartcard authentication, FIPS OpenSSL support
  • Operational flexibility: Multi-protocol support including NFS, SMB, HTTP, FTP and HDFS, Object and Cloud computing including OpenStack Swift

To learn more how EMC Isilon scale-out storage solutions can benefit your organization, contact your EMC sales representative or authorized reseller.  Also be sure to see our solutions in the EMC Store at

Bringing the Scale-Out Data Lake to Life

Suresh Sathyamurthy

Sr. Director, Product Marketing & Communications at EMC

Today is an exciting day for us here at Isilon. It is one of our biggest launches helping bring the Industry’s first enterprise-grade Scale-out Data Lake to life. Here is a quick summary of what we are launching today to reinforce our Scale-Out Data Lake Strategy.

We are announcing two new Platforms, the S210 and the X410. The S210 is our high transactional platform ideal for workloads such as special effects & content rendering in Media & Entertainment, Real Time Ticker Analytics in Financial Services and Chip Design in EDA. The X410 will be our new high throughput platform ideal for workloads such as content streaming, Hadoop Analytics and home directories.

We are also announcing the new version of our operating system, OneFS. The new version will include features such as SmartFlash – 1 PB of globally coherent flash cache to help accelerate read performance. We are also announcing support for updates and new access methods to better enable our multi-protocol scale out Data Lake. We are announcing enhancements to HDFS including access zones enabling secure multi-tenancy for your big data analytics workloads and support for future versions. The second access method announcement is, SMB Multi-channel with 1.4GBPS single stream throughput for emerging media workloads such as 4K. And finally, we are natively integrating OpenStack SWIFT to make Isilon the first and only File & Object Scale-out NAS.

We also announced several innovative solutions partnering with EMC Federation including two new Big Data Analytics Solutions and a comprehensive Scale-Out VDI solution with XtremIO. Check out our blog here.

My team helped put together a series of videos that we call “Learning Bites” to help you better understand our Scale out Data Lake Strategy and how the new announcements reinforce the strategy. Check it out.

EMC Isilon – New Product Overview

EMC Isilon – Data Lake

EMC Isilon – New Hardware Platforms

EMC Isilon – SmartFlash Overview

EMC Isilon – SMB3 Multichannel

EMC World 2013, Day 3 Recap

Sam Grocott

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at EMC ETD

Today, EMC Isilon president Bill Richter took to the EMC World stage and gave his keynote speech on Isilon: Scale-out NAS Innovation Today, Business Innovation Tomorrow.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the keynote included a customer panel with Rackspace, Bosch, and MLB, as well as a conversation with Isilon’s resident mad scientist and CTO, Nick Kirsch.

Here’s a quick roundup of the keynote buzz, captured from Twitter:

Photo 1

 Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Immediately following the keynote, Bill answered your Twitter questions live during his Backstage session with John Roese and dove deeper into the transformation squeeze of IT, new OneFS features, and where he sees EMC Isilon and scale-out NAS heading in the next few years. For on-demand replays of Bill’s keynote and backstage session, head here.

 What an exciting week it’s been so far. If you’re here with us on-site, make sure to stop by our Isilon booth before the week’s end.  Enjoy the customer appreciation party tonight!




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