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Population Boom, Energy Boom

Yasir Yousuff

Sr. Director, Global Geo Marketing at EMC Emerging Technologies Division

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In its 2015 World Population Prospects report, the United Nations documented the global population at 7.3 billion with 60 percent attributed to rising Asia.

As with most, if not all emerging economies, energy consumption has witnessed exponential growth in recent decades, spurred by expanded economic activity that has done well to lift much of the masses into a more prosperous middle class. Living standards have improved as a consequence, further accelerating demand for energy to power luxuries like air-conditioning, consumer electronics, and automobiles, among others.

So what does this all mean? With global population set to climb to 9.7 billion by 2050m the strain on the world’s energy resources is expected to increase exponentially.

Hitting a Rocky Patch

oilandgas_resizeHere’s where Chuanqing Drilling Engineering (CDE), a Geophysical Prospecting Company of China National Petroleum Corporation, enters the fray. China is the biggest energy consumer in Asia and relies on companies like CDE to uncover new energy sources to feed its ever-growing appetite.

The services offered by CDE are extensive and high in demand both in China and the global stage. They include engineering and geological research, geophysical surveys, drilling engineering, downhole services, mud logging, well logging and perforating, oil and gas field engineering construction and development, civil works, as well as oil/gas field cooperative development.

Specialized these fields are, yet all derive their invaluable insights from seismic data processed by high-performance computing software. Unbeknownst to many, these industry applications are much more robust than the ones that run on any given PC. The algorithms and calculations that make sense of gargantuan raw data solicited from seismic explorations in varying geological environments are extremely complex, owing to the need for mechanical precision that can make or break any mission-critical task.

In this regard, it is not surprising that the few SAN storage systems deployed by CDE had issues handling the massive growth of data from its exploration activities. Reduced storage capacity resulted in diminished performance, which inadvertently made data analysis increasingly challenging.

A Well-Drilled Solution

CDE’s problem was overwhelming to say the least but its solution was one of relative simplicity: a highly scalable, high-performance platform to meet the demands of its exploration activities and data analysis. In essence, a change of CDE’s IT environment was long overdue and called for.

Following comprehensive consultations with EMC, CDE made the decision to implement a single cluster comprising EMC Isilon X410 with 23 nodes, providing scaling capacity up to 1.6 petabytes. With scale-out NAS deployed, the system possessed the further ability to scale up to 50 petabytes when the need eventually called for it.

Discovering Productivity

“EMC Isilon storage is far easier to manage and has resulted in considerable savings. We estimate that we’ve achieved a 33 percent reduction in costs,” says Tang Chengbing, Director of the Computer Center at CDE.

In an industry where financials are monitored in the billions, not millions, 33 percent represents a significant figure that can mean the different between a profitable or loss-making calendar year.

Storage aside, software such as EMC Isilon SmartQuotas and SmartDedupe have enabled CDE to simplify workflows and eliminate duplicates from a high accessible and secure single volume of storage. It is all part of an ecosystem of smarter allocation so working divisions never face a shortage of capacity nor wasteful surplus like they did with disparate storage solutions.

Future Ready Energy Exploration

Problem solved? Yes, but it is just the beginning.

“It is inevitable that data volumes will increase in the next few years, and with that in mind we need strong technical support from our IT partners,” adds Tang.

The diversity and intensity of seismic data analytics will only become more robust as innovation continues to take flight in this vital field. With EMC’s storage infrastructure firmly established in the company’s operating DNA, CDE can now adopt new solutions flexibly in tandem with fast-paced technological progress.

Read the Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Case Study to learn more.


Come See EMC Isilon Next Week at the SEG International Expo in Houston

Next week, EMC Isilon will be heading to Houston, TX to take part in The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)’s International Exposition and 83rd Annual Meeting, the world’s largest oil, energy and mineral exposition showcasing technology for use in exploration and other related industries. We are excited to be at the show and to have the opportunity to have in-depth discussions about some of our solutions. Here are a couple of brief highlights about some of the things we’ll be showcasing during the show:  

Petrel Project Snap Plug-in
EMC’s Petrel Project Snap is an Ocean plug-in that allows Petrel users to create instant snapshots of their working projects using EMC Isilon technology. This allows you to create a highly optimized, chronologically-organized library of project snapshots that can be easily restored by the Petrel user at any time. In addition, you can secure the integrity of your project data by capturing copies of project data and associated metadata on a secure storage platform. You’ll also gain important insight into your projects by being able to create a shared snapshot library across your entire Petrel user community.

Self-Service Seismic Solution
The Self-Service Seismic Solution from EMC/Wipro uses workflow automation, specialized seismic validation tools and optimized storage technology to check, load and share seismic data. The solution delivers certified seismic data to your interpreters quickly and combines business process-driven architecture with intelligent storage technology to deliver an integrated solution covering the entire seismic data lifecycle. By using this solution you can also lower your data and storage management overheads and enable workflows, processes and quality assurance business rules to be defined and automated.

Interesting discussions will be happening throughout the week at our SEG Booth, #322. Below is the presentation schedule for Monday, September 23rd – Wednesday, September 25th.

TIME (Central Time)

10:15AM-  (EMC) EMC’s Brazil Research & Development Center: Big Data Research for Oil & Gas
11:15AM – (EMC) Driving E&P Success Through Smarter Information Management
1:00PM –  (Wipro & EMC) Self Service Seismic
2:00PM –  (FUSE-IM) New Ocean Capability for Petrel
3:00PM –  (Schlumberger & Isilon) Partnering for Success
4:00PM –  (EMC) Next Generation Storage Infrastructure

If you’re headed to SEG next week, please stop by and say hello. If you are unable to make it to the event, be sure to follow us on Twitter as we will be tweeting live updates from the event all week!


EAGE London 2013: Event Recap

As we trek back to the U.S. after a busy week at EAGE 2013, we wanted to provide a quick recap of all the conference festivities that happened in London. EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) is the largest and most comprehensive geoscience event in the world. It lasts about a week, and consists of a conference and a technical exhibition presenting the latest developments in geophysics, geology and reservoir/petroleum engineering.

Booth #266 was EMC Isilon’s home for the week. We had tons of activity going on in our booth with giveaways, demos, meetings with partners, customers, or just passerbys intriqued by our swag.


 We raffled off a handful of Apple TVs and kinetic bracelets to those who attended the demos and presentations. Check out one of the lucky winners below!


 EMC Isilon hosted three separate demo pods throughout the week that showcased how we meet the increasing data storage demands of the oil and gas industry and optimize collaborative workflows:

  1. Demo 1: Featured how the functionality of the Ocean Plug-in for Isilon will allow Petrel users to invoke Isilon snapshots to make copies of project files.
  2. Demo 2: Featured EMC’s Exploration and Production Infrastructure (EPI) solution for oil and gas and how our new model is simpler to manage and scales as our customers’ data grows and their performance needs increase.     
  3. Demo 3: Featured EMC’s Next Generation Seismic Data Management system based on Isilon scale-out technology, and how—in partnership with Wipro—this seismic data management solution will enable data to be loaded once and then delivered to interpretation applications with quality-assured automated data transfer.


What an exciting week it was in London! Special thanks to all who stopped by our booth and attended our presentations. We had a great time and look forward to seeing you all again soon!



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