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EDA, Storage, and Gilligan’s Island

Lawrence Vivolo

Sr. Business Development Manager at EMC²

When I was a kid I used to watch Gilligan’s Island® a lot. For those of you who never had the pleasure, it was a show about a “3 hour tour” by boat that stranded passengers on a small desert isle, including the first mate, Gilligan.LakshadweepIsland

Turns out, this would be good training for managing an EDA project.  Why?  Well, managing an EDA project typically starts out straightforward; You allocate computers and storage to the project based on estimates, leverage your experience from other projects and use it to predict how many cores you will need to run simulation regressions (how many directory trees you’ll want for the ASIC, and how much space each will require). And then, months later, the storm hits. You realize the need to add a new test area and to allocate space for it. “No worries,” you think, “I’ve been paying for that space and I know it’s available.”

And that’s when you realize…you are stranded on an island and can’t get what you need. If only you had Gilligan to save the day.




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